Everything You Should Know About The Best Iron For Quilters

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Iron For Quilters

Here we will walk you through the key aspects you must look at when shopping for a quilting iron.


The iron should have the best gliding capabilities to let you press the fabric easily. There are different types of soleplates, including ceramic, non-stick, stainless steel, and aluminum soleplates.

All of these are of good quality. To get the quilting iron that can slide well, opt for ceramic or aluminum soleplates.


Be sure that the iron comes with all the safety standards, saving you from hazards such as leakage or hot steams from the iron.

Control Functions

You will find many models offering different control options, such as dials, sliders, or digital controls. You may choose any of them, depending on your personal preference.

Heat Settings

Be sure of the amount of heat required for a specific fabric material to prevent your fabric from burning. Some models feature digital temperature setting controls letting you adjust the iron to the required temperature.